Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Foreign Portfolio Jun 21 Update - Bought Ping An and Alibaba


Portfolio from Stockcafe

Transactions made in the month:
- Bought 500 units of Ping An Insurance (Group) at  HKD80.85
- Bought 20 units of Alibaba at USD217.50

I bought Ping An Insurance as its was at attractive valuation at HKD80.85. To my surprise, it dropped further to 71. I may add on to it. The main hurdle is that I have already expanded this foreign portfolio at a faster pace than I anticipated. I want to have a higher weightage in my local portfolio for stability. 

I am still surprised by how QUALCOMM Incorporated and TSMC is lagging behind. Its just a matter of time. I will have to be more patient. 

SEA limited hit its all time high of 297 last month but I missed it. So its another round of waiting. The 300 psychological barrier is right in front. I wonder if I will regret waiting and not selling. 

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  1. Hi MIM,

    Seems like it is true after this update in one of the counter we've have in common! :)