Saturday 28 December 2019

My Investment Machine 2019 Year End Review

*figures exclude $369.24 received on 31 Dec 2019 from Ascendas-hTrust*

Ironically, when I did the 2018 year end review, I was expecting the market to tank and dividends yield to drop as companies payout less dividends. Thankfully, I was only half right. The market did not tank and STI Index even went as high as 3,400. But my dividends yield did drop. The unrealised gain which was wiped out, that I shared about in  end 2018 year has been reinstated. 

In 2019, I received $7,308.07 of dividends. My average yield decreased to 3.71% and dividends received increased by only 5.01%. This is despite a 27.21% increase in portfolio value. What a disappointment. My investment capital thus far is $181,301.11. 
In terms of total dividends received over the years, I have received $28,653. It is a slow ride up for me. Seeing how other financial bloggers getting this figure to $1 million is a dream and motivation for me. 

This year, I made 18 transactions. 12 were buy/add transactions while 6 were sell. This is the highest number of transactions I made in a year since I started trading. Interestingly, 7 of the transactions were due to scrip dividends, preferential offerings, rights issues and delisting of shares. I know that I need to make more transactions over the market to deploy more of my resources into the market if I want to achieve some form of financial freedom.

2020 is going to be a busy year. With less time to monitor the market, with the 50 price alerts I have set, I will be able to trade effectively at appropriate junctures.  I am expecting Singtel to cut its dividends as this is the last FY it is paying a fixed dividends amount.  Keppel Corp is another share to look out as Temask may or may not control 50% of its share come end 2020.

All the best in the year of 2020. May you and your love ones be healthy, happy and safe. May the rat year bring you lots of luck!