Friday 30 October 2020

My Investment Portfolio - Foreign (End Oct 2020)


Above is from my portfolio tracker on StocksCafe

I bought 15 units of International Business Machine on 20 Oct at USD117.47. Unfortunately, the stock got further battered down due to the rise in covid19 cases and deaths in US, and the upcoming election. 

Now to wait for the election result! It is so exciting and can really go either way  although market seems to be pricing in a Trump loss. 

Thursday 1 October 2020

My Investment Portfolio - SG (End Sep 2020)


Transactions made in Sep 2020:

- Sold 1,500 units of SGX at $8.88

STI index has been hovering around 2,400 level. I have been wondering whether I should now buy the STI ETF index to prepare for a ride up in the future. The dividends yield is nothing much to shout about, but in this low yield environment it beats other instruments. Also, I do not need to select and bet on specific stock since my portfolio already has this in place.

In the meantime, I am not really in a rush to buy or sell. But the intent is to continue to make some purchases as staying vested in the long run is the way to go. 

I did not receive any dividends this month as I subscripted to raffles medical scrip dividends. Similarly, I also opted for scrip dividends for DBS and OCBC.  

Dividends received* in Sep 20: $0

Total dividends received in 2020: $5,494.58

Average dividends per month: $457.88

Total Portfolio Market Value: $221,605.82


*Dividends are recognised after ex-dividend (xd) date. Average dividends per month is calculated by dividing the dividends received by 12 months regardless of the month. 
Portfolio excludes Singapore Savings Bonds and Foreign Stocks