Wednesday 1 August 2018

My Investment Portfolio (End Jul 2018)

Transactions made in Jul 2018:
- Bought 600 units of Keppel Corp at $7

I added on Keppel Corp as it had dropped a fair bit since reaching $8++. I doubt oil prices will recover and go back to over 100 dollars anytime soon. But I still chose to invest in Keppel Corp as its business is also in other sectors such as property and investment. Unfortunately, the share price took a hit when the government announced measures to cool the private property market. 

The month of Jul (and in Aug) will be exciting as many companies will be announcing their results and dividends will be paid out. 

Dividends received* in Jul 2018: $1,033.72 (Suntec Reit, Singtel, CapitaCom Trust, Keppel Corp, Keppel DC Reit, Singpost, First Reit)

Total dividends received in 2018: $4,737.23

Average dividends per month: $394.77

Total Portfolio Market Value: $163,200

* Dividends are recognised after ex-dividend (xd) date
# Excludes investments in Cryptocurrency since it is of high risk and with an investment fund which I am prepared to write off.