Wednesday, 1 April 2020

My Investment Portfolio (End Mar 2020)

Transactions made in Mar 2020:
- Bought 800 units of DBS at between $18.65 and $21.15
- Sold 5,000 units of Sheng Siong at $1.10
- Sold 1,000 units of SIA at $6.68
- Sold 2,000 units of Sembcorp Marine at $0.73
- Sold 4,000 units of SingPost at $0.72
- Sold 7,000 units of Jumbo at $0.205

I have never made so many transactions in a single month before. I have been using this period of time to re-balance my stock portfolio by selling the weaker links and adding on more solid companies. It was not an easy decision as the realised loss is around $13,000. But I believe this is necessary. 

The epicenter of the COVID19 has just shifted from China to Europe and USA. With this, we can expect more supply chain disruptions globally. The number of COVID19 cases has increased at a tremendous rate. The reproduction figure of COVID19, is key figure to watch for.

I am looking at adding more bank shares, CDG and ST Engineering. Do note that with COVID19, it is likely that all companies will cut dividends in future quarters. There is also a likelihood of zero dividends as companies due to the cashflow constraints companies are facing. This include even the likes of the financial sector (i.e. Banks). 

Dividends received* in Mar 20: $0

Total dividends received in 2020: $549.90

Average dividends per month: $45.83

Total Portfolio Market Value: $160,731.64

Dividends are recognised after ex-dividend (xd) date.
Average dividends per month is calculated by dividing the dividends received by 12 months regardless of the month.
Portfolio excludes Singapore Savings Bonds.


  1. Buying banks is quite risky... I changed my asset allocation and sold bonds to buy more share in Marchs, including 1,200 shares of HSBC (5:HK), since the dividend yield of 8% seemed attractive and I like the bank. Shortly after the bank cut the dividend to zero for the year and the share price tanked 10%. It is currently trading lower than it ever was and even 12% lower than during the financial crisis of 08/09. Individual stocks are quite a gamble ... :) Wish you better luck with DBS - 10% of the portfolio is quite a high exposure

    1. Hi Singvestor,

      Thank you for sharing. I read about HSBC dividends and financial report too. Some other global banks have also cut dividends. Hence, I shared shared about likelihood of zero dividends if one was to buy shares during this period. I believe that over the long run, it will be okay.

      In fact, my exposure in DBS has just increased to 17%.

      Good luck to you too (and all of us).

  2. Hi MIM

    I beg to differ with the poster above.

    I think banks will look muted in the next few months and possibly next one to two years until NIM recovers but banks are still dishing out decent yield and double digit roe so they'd be an excellent long term investment.

    I'm likely to enter into bank position as well after DBS results on the 30th Apr.

    1. Hi B

      Thank you for sharing. Great to hear your thoughts on this matter. I am prepared for a long ride on this one. I have no idea how to time the market unlikely most investors. I may even buy more in the month of May. Who knows =)

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