Wednesday 31 October 2018

My Investment Portfolio (End Oct 2018)

Although there was no transactions made in Oct 2018, it was an exciting month. The stock market seems to be more bearish and this presents buying opportunity. I have some purchase orders and 1 sell order in the queue. Not sure if I will manage to get those purchase orders as I have keyed in a lower price since I am on the cautious end and do not know how low the stocks will go. Also, considering the fact that I have limited warchest.

If the market goes up, I am still happy, since I am already vested in the following shares above.

Stay calm and invest on everyone! The stocks will go up in the long term! 

Dividends received* in Oct 2018: $206.06 (Ascendas Reit, First Reit, Mapletree Com Tr, Suntec Reit)

Total dividends received in 2018: $6,148.06

Average dividends per month: $512.34

Total Portfolio Market Value: $156,178.15

* Dividends are recognised after ex-dividend (xd) date
# Excludes investments in Cryptocurrency since it is of high risk and with an investment fund which I am prepared to write off.