Tuesday 8 June 2021

Foreign Portfolio May 21 Update - Sold Coca Cola

Portfolio from Stockcafe
Transactions made in the month:
- Sold 20 units of Coca Cola at  USD 55.50

I have held Coca Cola for close to 1 year and made a gain of close to 20% when I divested the counter. This was the smallest holding for a foreign stock since it was the first overseas stock I purchased. 

I am watching SEA Limited closely and may divest it since it has went up by around 20% after I purchased it 3 weeks ago.

Meanwhile, I have Ping An Insurance, Bank of China, Intel, AMD and Alibaba on my watchlist. 

Ironically, the stocks; QUALCOMM Incorporated and Alibaba (HK) which I had expected to go up did not. I may add on these stocks if I cannot find other shares to invest into. 

Thursday 3 June 2021

My Investment Portfolio - SG (End May 2021)


portfolio from stockcafe

Transactions made in the month:

- Bought 2,000 units of Ascendas Reit at $2.9
- Sold 2,000 units of STI ETF at $3.058
- Added 10 units of DBS via scrip dividends at $28.77

I sold off STI ETF at around 20% gain excluding dividends collected and used the money to buy Ascendas Reit. Ironically, on the day when this was done, the phase 2 (heighted alert) measures was announced and Ascendas Reit went down lower that afternoon.

As shared in an earlier post, Mapletree Industrial Trust's Preferential Offering (PO) application has opened this morning and will close on 11 JUN, 5pm. I am definitely applying for it based on the reasons shared in that post. 

Dividends received* during the month: $1640.40 (Suntec Reit, Raffles Medical, Wilmar, Comfortdelgro, Keppel Corp, ST Eng)

Total dividends received in 2021: $2,993.59

Average dividends per month: $249.47

Total Portfolio Market Value: $294,289.2

*Dividends are recognised after payment date. Average dividends per month is calculated by dividing the dividends received by 12 months regardless of the month. 
Portfolio excludes Singapore Savings Bonds, Foreign Stocks, Crypto and Stashaway