Tuesday 8 June 2021

Foreign Portfolio May 21 Update - Sold Coca Cola

Portfolio from Stockcafe
Transactions made in the month:
- Sold 20 units of Coca Cola at  USD 55.50

I have held Coca Cola for close to 1 year and made a gain of close to 20% when I divested the counter. This was the smallest holding for a foreign stock since it was the first overseas stock I purchased. 

I am watching SEA Limited closely and may divest it since it has went up by around 20% after I purchased it 3 weeks ago.

Meanwhile, I have Ping An Insurance, Bank of China, Intel, AMD and Alibaba on my watchlist. 

Ironically, the stocks; QUALCOMM Incorporated and Alibaba (HK) which I had expected to go up did not. I may add on these stocks if I cannot find other shares to invest into. 


  1. Any thoughts on defensive counter to be added to your mainly tech oriented portfolio ?