Monday 2 September 2019

My Investment Portfolio (End Aug 2019)

Transactions made in Aug 2019:
- Bought 1000 units of SIA at $8.92

I bought SIA when it fell below $9. Although the share price has fallen further, I am expecting prices to rebound in Nov/Dec period when it gives out dividends. This may not happen depending as there are many factors affecting the world’s economic growth. There is the trade war between USA and China, the Hong Kong protest which is into its 13th week and Brexit. The trade war has already affected our manufacturing companies greatly in the past few months. PMI and export has gone down. If this quarter’s GDP is negative, Singapore would officially be in a technical recession.

I am surprised by how STI is still above 3,000. I have been expecting STI to go to 2,800 levels.My person opinion is that STI may rebound in the short term, but in the long run, things will go downhill (down trend). I am refraining from buying more as I want to use the opportunity to stock up on bank stocks when the down trend come. Banks stocks will likely be affected if a recession comes as risk of bad debts and writing off of these debts increase.

It will be interesting to see how the so-call defensive stocks perform in my portfolio (ComfortDelGro, Sheng Siong, ST Eng and reits) when the time comes. Did you know that in the past, telcos such as Singtel, Starhub and M1 were known as defensive counters? Look at how their share price has tanked even before any recession. All these due to government regulations in allow the 4th telco to enter the market.

What are your thoughts about the global economy?

Dividends received* in August 2019: $1,364.82 (Singapore Technologies Engineering, Wilmar, Comfortdelgro, Raffles Medical, Singapore Post, Ireit, OCBC, Sheng Siong, Old Chang Kee, Fraser Logistics & Industrial Trust, Suntec, Mapletree NAC, Mapletree Commerial Trust)

Total dividends received in 2019: $5,905.07

Average dividends per month: $492.09

Total Portfolio Market Value: $182,984.03

Dividends are recognised after ex-dividend (xd) date.
Average dividends per month is calculated by dividing the dividends received by 12 months regardless of the month.
Portfolio excludes Singapore Savings Bonds.