Monday 9 August 2021

Foreign Portfolio Jul 21 Update - Sold SEA and bought Amazon


Transactions made in the month:
- Sold 11 units of SEA Limited at USD 269.035
- Bought 1 unit of Amazon at USD 3343.91

Ironically, I sold my SEA Limited at USD 269.035. Did not wait further as I wanted to switch the fund into Amazon. Now SEA Limited has really broke the 300 psychological barrier which I wrote about last month. What a bad decision.

I went into Amazon as it went down by more than 5% when its result came out. The stock was sold down due as it did not meet the revenue target and with slowing growth being prospected in. It is still a good stock to hold and is still growing. I will help fund Bezo next space trip with this 1 unit. 

What is concerning is how China regulators are causing havoc to the stock market. Edutech stocks have deep dive while tech and gaming stocks have been battled due to regulatory concerns. I have quite a big exposure to Alibaba and have been deliberating whether to add on to it. It is already my biggest holding in my foreign portfolio. 


  1. Hi MIM,

    Amazon is very very massive... Alibaba on the other hand is the "Amazon" in another world where the one big difference lies in the governance... of the country the company belongs to.

    Told myself many times that I'd nibble. But the nibbling of Ali ended up as a relatively big gobble.. which eventually at this juncture it would be a little more prudent for me to tap on a small brake and move away to the other big gaming company that is badly beaten.

    One reason I'd believe is the Chinese regulators are shaking these companies, in order to push and "punish" the foreign shareholders as a result.

    A sneak peak into the greatest institutional investors of Alibaba and the other Chinese companies listed abroad, compromise of mainly foreign shareholders that are riding on the "Chinese market".

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