Monday 15 February 2021

$190.72 cash in less than 6 months from GooglePay App

In Nov, when I shared that about how I got $71.74 cash in 3 months from GooglePay App, I did not expect the amount to double to over $140 in 1.5 months. 

Now within less than 6 months of using the app, I have received $190.72. A $118.26 increase from my Nov post. 

This is around an average of $32 monthly just by sending money to each other and using the app to make payments, instead of using physical credit card. It is that easy - as easy as ABC.

There are some changes to the terms and condition to get scratch cards now, and they seems to change it every now and then, so be sure to check out the offer page:

1) Referral $3 each for Referrer and Referee 

2) Scratch cards: Pay your friends (min amount of $10, limited to 2 scratch cards per week). Your friends must be on GooglePay too. Then just pay them $10 each and get them to pay you back the same amount. 

3) Scratch cards: (i) Tap and Pay or (ii) Scan QR Code and pay (min payment amount of $10), limited to 2 scratch cards per week). Similar to how you do payWave payments over POS. Instead of using your credit card, you use your phone with GooglePay app and NFC on and tap it on the POS to make payment. For Scan QR Code, scan the payment QR code using GooglePay and make payment. It works even on M1 payment bill with QR code, Grab wallet top-up and IRAS bill payment.

Free money just take. Good things do not last forever. 

So hurry and sign up. If you need referral code, you can use this GooglePay App and get $3. 

If you are interested in other referral links or codes, you can visit this page on My Investment Machine.