Wednesday, 9 September 2020

My Investment Portfolio - Foreign (End Aug 2020)


Above is from my portfolio tracker on StocksCafe

I bought 23 units of Intel Corporation 51.75 USD on 25 Jul. I bought it after the stock was oversold due to the news came out about their7-nanometer (7nm) production delays. AMD is in a league of its own for manufacturing of nanometer chips for now and its stock price has rose nearly 100%. 

Intel is not just about manufacturing of chips and computers. They are also in the business of the IOT (internet of things), data centres, cloud sloutions etc. Hence, I am banging on these aspects of its business to be its next growth sector. 

Meanwhile, Intel dividends came in on 1 Sep, while Coca Cola is in CD.

Stay calm and stay vested. 

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    Slow and steady approach will lead one to the destination - achieve FI and have the option to RE.