Thursday 8 April 2021

Foreign Portfolio Mar 21 Update - Bought TSM, QCOM & sold IBM

Transactions made in the month:

- Bought 100 units of Alibaba (HK) at HKD 232.80 (as shared in my earlier post on 3 Mar)
- Bought 19 units of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing at USD113.70
- Sold 15 units of International Business Machine at USD131.00
- Bought 15 units of QUALCOMM Incorporated at USD135.50 (this was bought in Apr)

It was an eventful month for me, I have not made so many transactions since I started trying out the foreign markets. I doubt I will make so many frequent trades in a month moving forward.

For Alibaba, government regulatory factor is still something to look out for. I will likely add on to the share if it drops further as fundamentally the stock is still a growth stock unless Chinese government does something drastic. You never know. This is a risk I am aware of and willing to risk on.

For Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, I saw an opportunity to buy it when it got sold down. It is the biggest semiconductor foundry player in the world. With the supply issue in the industry, need I say more? 

For QUALCOMM Incorporated, it is in the semiconductor, IOT and 5G industry. I felt that it got oversold and hence went into it. 

As for IBM, I sold it when it reached my target price of USD131. I had set the selling price a few weeks before it hit this level. It gave me a return of +10.1% after taking into of dividends and exchange rate. The stock went further up after I sold it, that is life. It is hard to time to sell at the highest.

These foreign stocks are mainly short term trades unlike my SG portfolio, since I am still learning them. Learning to how things such as withholding tax and exchange rate affects my overall returns.

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