Tuesday 8 December 2020

My Investment Portfolio - Foreign (Dec 2020)


Above is from my portfolio tracker on StocksCafe

I did not make any changes to my portfolio since my purchase of International Business Machine (IBM) in Oct. Back then the stock got battered down and it has rose back as quickly. That is how volatile the stock market can be. 

In the meantime, I am waiting to collect dividends from all 3 stocks in December while looking out at other companies such as VISA, MasterCard and Pay Pal. 


  1. I'm considering Visa too. The US market seems to be all time right now LOL. so wondering what are the chances to loot Visa below USD $200.

    1. Hi, it went below USD$200 a couple of weeks ago. Yes, investors have valued most shares highly, taking a very long term view, pricing in long term recovery as if COVID19 was over already.

      I find VISA valuations cheaper than its competitors (e.g. AMEX, Mastercard )

  2. Hi, can you briefly explain your rationale of buying dividend stocks in the US as there is dividend withholding tax incurred?

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi S,

      I just starting trying out the US stocks a few months ago. I am not looking at purely dividends, but capital gains too. At the same time, am using the chance to learn how much impact the exchange rate and taxes will have when I sell the stock.

      The dividends is a bonus. Even with withholding tax, there's still dividends.