Tuesday 24 November 2020

$71.74 cash in 3 months from GooglePay App

I will always find way to make my money work hard and ways to earn some extra cash. The GooglePay app is one of the latest craze. The ways to earn the cash reward is just ridiculously easy. Also, the cash rewards are credited instantly into your paynow account. No minimum withdrawal amount/duration or buttons to click.

I have received $71.74 reward in cash in 3 months, from Sep 20 to now (i.e. Nov 20). There are several ways to earn the rewards:

2) Scratch cards: Pay your friends (min amount of $10, limited to 2 scratch cards per week). Your friends must be on GooglePay too. Then just pay them $10 each and get them to pay you back the same amount.
3) Scratch cards: Tap and Pay (min payment amount of $3, limited to 2 scratch cards per week). Similar to how you do payWave payments over POS. Instead of using your credit card, you use your phone with GooglePay app and NFC on and tap it on the POS to make payment.
4) Scratch cards: Scan QR Code and pay (min payment amount of $3, limited to 2 scratch cards per week). Scan the payment QR code using GooglePay and make payment. It works even on M1 payment bill.

Basically other than Referral reward, you can get up to 6 scratch cards for 2 to 4 on a weekly basis. The terms and conditions changes every now and then, so you can check the offers section in the app frequently to see how many scratch cards you can get.

The scratch card is like lottery, the amount of cash you get depends on luck. It normally ranges from between $0.40 to $0.9. I was lucky twice and got $11.08 and $2.29 respectively. Moreover, my $2.29 cashback was from a $5 purchase, which is a nearly 50% cashback. 

Free money just take. Good things do not last forever. 

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