Sunday 2 December 2018

My Investment Portfolio (End Nov 2018)

Transactions made in Nov 2018:
- Sold 4,500 units of First Reit at $0.945
- Bought 100 units of SIA at $9.25
- Bought 1,000 units of Keppel Corp at $6.11

I broke my no transaction streak by making what appears to be 2 very weird transactions. 

Firstly, I cut loss on First Reit. I had attempted to cut loss at higher prices but both prices were not fulfilled. The reason why I cut loss was because of the liquidity issues Lippo Karawaci is facing. Lippo Karawaci is First Reit's main income contributor. With this issue, the fundamentals of why I bought First Reit has changed and this is the main reason why I cut loss since the reason why I bought it no longer exists. 

Is this the right decision? I really do not know. Only time will tell. Ironically, not too long after I cut loss, the price went up to slightly above $1, the price which I attempted to cut loss. But well, this is life. It never goes the way you thought it will pen out. 

For my second transaction, you will be wondering why I bought 100 units of SIA. Well, I had keyed in a bigger order and queued at $9.25. But well, nothing goes the way I wanted. Only 100 of the order was fulfilled. Which is a small percentage of my order and I had to incur the minimum commission fee. =(

As for my third transaction, I increased my stake in Keppel Corp as I wanted to deploy some funds that were from the sales of First Reit and this year's dividends. With this purchase, Keppel Corp has now overtaken ST Engineering and is now my top holding.

The recent prices are tempting and I really have no idea whether the prices are heading south or north in the short term. But well, I am still looking out for other opportunities to purchase other shares. 

Stay calm and invest on!

Dividends received* in Nov 2018: $524.52 (Old Chang Kee, Singapore Post, Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust, NetLink NBN Trust, Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust)

Total dividends received in 2018: $6,672.58

Average dividends per month: $556.05

Total Portfolio Market Value: $158,361.46

* Dividends are recognised after ex-dividend (xd) date
# Excludes investments in Cryptocurrency since it is of high risk and with an investment fund which I am prepared to write off.


  1. I dont think its a weird decision. In fact I think its a wise one for First Reit. With 84% of DPU tie to LK, if LK went burst then you are left with 16% of DPU as dividend and the share price will plunge. Even if LK don't go burst, we can expect a big cut in DPU ahead.

  2. In addition, First Reit DPU is artifically propped up by the huge rental paid by LK. They are doing from my Left pocket to my Right pocket kind of deal if you understand what I meant. With its trouble now, the rental from LK will definitely be substantially reduced.

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